Grand Opening 25th of November

High Five x15

BETA 18th of November

Basic rates


safe enchant - +4
enchant chance - 55%
max enchant - +16
enchant bless chance- 55%
  • free class transfer, GM shop up to S grade, ALT+B buffer
  • olympiad max enchant +6
  • 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slots
  • heroes every Saturday
  • sieges/territory wars every weekend
  • epics every week, window spawn time announced
  • auto events every one hour
  • sieges and TWs every weekend to promote more pvp and more fun!
  • expecting over 2000 Players Online - Massive PvP
  • 100% AntiBot protection system S-Guard + .report command ingame
  • 2 hour buffs free buffs from ALT+B
  • .farm auto-farm bot for party!
  • Downloads & how to connect

    1st step - download & install the High-Five client

    H5 Client #Mirror 1 H5 Client #Mirror 2 H5 Client #Torrent

    5.7 GB

    2nd step - download our system

    305 MB

    You need the last winrar version in order to be able to unzip the files!

    3rd step - In order to play on L2Erika, you dont have to register an account on the website. Accounts are autocreated inside the game on your first login. In case you want to change your password ingame all you have to do is type .password inside the game.

    Have fun in game!

    How can I Buy Donation Pounds?